WIA Title II Core Performance Follow-Up Measures Survey

PLEASE NOTE — There have been changes to the survey dissemination and recording methods, in accordance with federal and state assessment policies:

For Distance Learning Students:

  1. Agencies must run a separate Core Performance Report for Distance Learning in TOPSpro.
  2. Surveys disseminated to distance learners must be identified on the survey form (mail/email surveys) or on the call records (phone surveys).
  3. Completed or returned/incomplete surveys from distance learners must be noted on the CASAS website. The Distance Learner box must be checked for each of these returned surveys.

Delivery methods to students include phone and email (in addition to regular mail). See the links on the left-side menu to learn more about these policy changes, and to download the new survey forms.

The WIA Title II (225, 231 and EL Civics Sections) Core Performance Follow-up Measures Survey collects information about students who have left an adult education program but had previously expressed the goal of getting a job, keeping a job, or entering postsecondary education. Federal regulations require that all states receiving WIA Title II funds collect and report the progress of these students. This survey provides valuable information about the goal attainment of students after they leave adult education programs. All WIA Title II-funded agencies must report the number of learners surveyed each quarter and enter any completed survey responses.

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